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Every year, more than 800,000 people die from suicide; this roughly corresponds to 1 death

every 40 seconds.  Suicide is among the three leading causes of death among those aged

15-44 years in some countries, and the second leading cause of death in the 10-24 years

age group; these figures do not include suicide attempts which can be many times more

frequent than suicide (10, 20, or more times according to some studies). 


Suicide worldwide was estimated to represent 1.3% of the total global burden of disease. Mental disorders (particularly depression and alcohol use disorders) are a major risk factor for suicide in

Europe and North America; however, in Asian countries impulsiveness plays an important

role. Suicide is complex with psychological, social, biological, cultural and environmental

factors involved. (Courtesy: World Health Organization)


Whats the solution?


Due to the complexity of the contributing factors, there is no simple solution- but there are many steps one can take to combat the  we have designed a fully integrative program covering everything from goal setting to nutrition, team building, cultural enrichment activities, fitness, literacy, singing, arts, etc..   

Whats Next?


Thanks to tremendous support + an amazing response from EVERY community we’ve visited, we are proud to report we will be adding to our tours with Guest Celebrity speakers!  Including but not limited to: musicians, pro-athletes, famous chefs, actors.. 



Popping Bubbles aims to make a connection between people in remote communities around the world and assist in bringing them closer together and break down the social or physical bubbles that restrict people from accomplishing their personal goals.